CEPOL’s EMISA network paves the way for more effective terrorism prevention

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22 December 2021

CEPOL’s Counter-Terrorism Information Exchange and Criminal Justice Responses project (CT INFLOW) ignited this year the creation of the EU-MENA Information Sharing and Analysis Network (EMISA) to build a strong, long-standing network of experts who work closely to exchange experiences, good practices and discuss counter-terrorism related challenges on a regular basis.

EMISA has broken ground with the setup of eight counter-terrorism related working groups, consisting of high-level professionals, led by an appointed chair and two co-chairs, one from an EU country and one from the Middle East and North Africa region, all of them practitioners representing international and EU organisations and agencies.

In order to define the network’s work plans and the specific objectives for 2022, as well as to ensure synergies among the respective areas of expertise, the CT INFLOW team convened in December all co-chairs in the first meeting of this kind.

EMISA strives to ensure a modern and more efficient fight against terrorism with the support of the European Commission, the Foreign Policy Instrument, and CT INFLOW’s partner countries and international organisations.

Read more about the CT INFLOW project here.



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