CEPOL’s contribution to enhance EU law enforcement digital skills presented in Berlin

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Ms Mailis Pukonen, CEPOL Head of Operations, 25th European Police Congress
12 May 2022

This week, Ms Mailis Pukonen, CEPOL Head of Operations, represented the agency at the 25th European Police Congress, in Berlin (11-12 May 2022). Ms Pukonen was invited as keynote speaker to discuss EU Law Enforcement training in the digital age.

Speaking at the Conference this morning, Ms Pukonen highlighted how CEPOL is responding to the law enforcement training needs in the field of digital skills and the use of new technologies, such as the work of the CEPOL Cybercrime Academy, a specialised training centre in Budapest with the capacity to host up to 85 law enforcement officials each time. Furthermore, the CEPOL Digitalisation Strategy, allows the agency to follow up on the latest technological trends to provide innovative training and to support the constantly evolving business needs.

‘CEPOL fully embraces the need to offer training opportunities at EU-level in the field of digital skills and new technologies, as indicated also in the new EU-STNA report 2022-2025, released earlier this year. We are constantly developing new eLearning products and services, such as e-Lessons and e-Workshops, and offer a selection of almost 500 self-paced online modules on personal business skills via the CEPOL online learning platform, LEEd. Our platform is also constantly evolving to offer new functionalities, e.g. the new search engine and the multitenancy feature’ noted Ms Pukonen, among other things, during her presentation.

‘In June we are organising in Vilnius the CEPOL Research and Science Conference 2022, entitled: Preparing Law Enforcement for the Digital Age. Papers discussed during the Conference will be published in a special Conference edition of the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin, so that ideas and knowledge can be shared within the law enforcement community, fostering and facilitating broader discussions and becoming a source of inspiration for the future’, she added.



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