CEPOL to cooperate on law enforcement training with Liechtenstein

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02 April 2020

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) has concluded a Working Arrangement (WA) with Liechtenstein.

Due to the situation with Covid-19 pandemic and taking into account safety measures related, the WA has been signed in the form of exchange of copies between Commissioner for the National Police of Liechtenstein and CEPOL’s Executive Director, finalised on 13 March 2020. The Arrangement had entered into force the same day.

Having received a nomination for the CEPOL National Contact Point this week, the practical cooperation is now ready to be initiated practically.

Both the European Union and Liechtenstein have a mutual interest in enhancing the effectiveness of their law enforcement in the fight against crime, especially cross-border crime. These goals can be reached by cooperation in common training for law enforcement officials, by raising awareness and increasing knowledge of international and European cooperation instruments or mechanisms, as well as collaboration in a range of specific subjects, such as counter-terrorism, trafficking in narcotics and organized crime, illegal immigration and border control, or trafficking in human beings.

Working Arrangement between CEPOL and Liechtenstein is also important due to Lichtenstein’s associated membership in the Schengen Area and its participation in the related forms of cross-border law enforcement cooperation.

Liechtenstein will be able to participate at its own costs in CEPOL’s training, support training activities of the Agency with its experts, work on common curricula implementation, exchange both best practices and law enforcement officials themselves.

However, this Arrangement will not provide opportunities for exchange or dissemination of law enforcement sensitive data, including personal data.



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