CEPOL Executive Director meets European Commission’s Director for Security

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09 January 2019

European Commission’s Director for Security, Laurent Muschel (Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs) met with CEPOL’s Executive Director Detlef Schröder and the Agency’s staff at its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary today.

The visit provided a chance to exchange views on CEPOL’s strategic and operational framework, information exchange and cooperation between the partners. Both directors took stock of existing cooperation practices and assessed possible new initiatives.

In his address to the Agency’s staff, Laurent Muschel underlined that both migration and security will be of key importance during upcoming elections to the European Parliament and beyond. Thus for the Commission it is of paramount importance that law enforcement authorities receive appropriate levels of support. “CEPOL shall be the toolbox of such training. Therefore we need to work on a right approach on how to deliver on it”.

While CEPOL’s Executive Director had the opportunity to present his vision of CEPOL as a principal EU actor in the security sector, helping the EU law enforcement officials build their capacity to counter the threats posed by serious and organised crime, terrorism, cybercrime and other challenges affecting the Union.

Detlef Schröder also underlined CEPOL’s role as a coordinator in the preparation and implementation of the EU’s Strategic Training Needs Assessment (EU-STNA). The recently published report identifies core capability gaps across Europe necessary to be addressed to strengthen EU’s response to internal security threats.



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