CEPOL grows its eLearning portfolio with a wide range of modules on personal business skills

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22 February 2021

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training has recently enriched its eLearning portfolio with a comprehensive catalogue of online courses to help law enforcement officials improve their management, leadership, personal business and soft skills.

Keeping in mind the latest eLearning trends, the modules are self-paced –and can be therefore paused and returned to at any time. Seat time of these modules range between 5 minutes and 6,5 hours, depending on the depth of knowledge provided in each learning resource.

This new online resource, avalailable through CEPOL’s Learning Management System, LEEd, is provided by a 3rd party service provider, called Open Sesame, who curates the eLearning materials jointly with CEPOL Training experts. The list of these external modules will be revised and updated every 3 months, based on the feedback and popularity on the different topics covered.

The professional catalogue includes now nearly 500 new training modules, grouped in 5 main categories:

1. Leadership: Modules focusing on basic leadership skills, such as: active listening, mentoring, strategic planning and change management, problem solving, conflict management and motivation. We also focus on developing innovation & creativity, process improvement, emotional intelligence and accountability. We added a few modules about negotiation, relationship building time and team management as well, so we can cover a wide area of business skills.

2. Communication: The e-learning modules in this topic have their main focus in developing the following skills: assertivity, persuasion, presentation skills, business writing, email etiquette and effective meetings, so we can help our learners improve skills useful not just in their workplace, but in their everyday life.

3. Diversity and Inclusion: Diversitiy&Inclusion is a category, where we can find modules about understanding differences between people, to foster mutual understanding about cultural differences, gender identity, race or different types of bullying.

4. Computer and technology skills: In this topic, we included learning resources about softwares and tools used in an office environment (Microsoft Office package modules in different levels of understanding, Google products, ect.), as well as some courses about working remotely, cyber security and other digital tools.

5. Mental health: This category is made to help our learners with stress management, priority handling, work-life balance, resilience and growth mindset. We also included some modules about mindfullnes, meditation, empathy and continuous learning.

CEPOL OpenSesame

Up to 1,000 LEEd users will be able to benefit from this catalogue. In order to enrol, users must register in one of the available courses on offer, available here.



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