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23 June 2010

The CEPOL Handover meeting from Spain to Belgium took place on 17 June 2010 in Madrid, Spain. It was the last meeting to take place during the Spanish Presidency which concludes on 30 June 2010.

The meeting was hosted by the Francisco Del Barrio, Chair of the Governing Board, Eduardo Borobio, CEPOL National Contact Point Spain, J.Alberto Ramirez, member of the Spanish CEPOL Presidency team. Members of the Belgian incoming CEPOL Presidency team attened, including Eddy Muylaert, Alain Ruelle and Patrick Van Parys as well as a representative of the Hungarian CEPOL Presidency team Emese Hovaczy. CEPOL Secretariat was represented by the Head of Programmes, Detlef Schröder.

During the meeting, which was held in a very congenial atmosphere, Francisco Del Barrio gave a briefing about the main activities developed during the last six months. The Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian representatives exchanged their ideas about the next challenges for CEPOL with the support of Detlef Schröder, in order to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities between both countries.

The final act of the meeting saw Francisco Del Barrio hand over the Gavel of the Chair of the Governing Board to Eddy Muylaert, who received it as a symbol of the new responsibilities to be assumed by the incoming Belgian Presidency which starts on 1 July 2010.



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