CEPOL Head of Operations calls for fast track training analysis via EMPACT groups to shape training portfolio with COVID -19 related content

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15 May 2020

CEPOL’s Head of Operations, Ms Mailis Pukonen attended today the video conference of the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI).

The impact of COVID -19 on internal security and the maintenance of operational continuity by JHA agencies was a key topic of discussion. Ms Pukonen informed the participants, that the pandemic forced CEPOL to suspend almost 50% of its residential and exchange activities until July, making necessary to seek for other learning and training activities to continue fulfilling the Agency’s mandate in support to the law enforcement community.

CEPOL’s Head of Operations emphasized that the Agency has adopted to the situation quickly and has enchased its online services to the Members States. The Agency experienced unprecedented high number of participants in all online products offered -more than 11,000 participants until 30 April, which constitutes a 30% increase compared to last year figures, and 4,000 more participants for the April month alone and 5,300 participant's related to EMPACT groups.

Law enforcement COVID-19 related training

Pukonen announced that CEPOL has been carefully monitoring the changing crime trends and has contacted operational actors for consultation on COVID-19 related training needs. As a result, CEPOL will launch in June a new webinar series on topical matters affected by COVID.

In addition , she considers that the way forward could be a fast training needs analysis questionnaire to be sent to all EMPACT groups to shape the online training portfolio with content that become apparent during the pandemic outbreak.

The pandemic outbreak has unveiled other emerging severe needs with regard to law enforcement training in Member States: the lack of solid online infrastructure in some countries. Pukonen pointed out that these were immediately detected by CEPOL through their COVID-19 Task Force -set up in March- which articulated a quick response by putting all available e-learning infrastructure, resources and expertise to the service of those training institutions requiring support. Thanks to CEPOL's quick response, more than 2,000 participants have been able to receive training through their law training institutions in their countries.



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