CEPOL highlights how it contributes to a common European law enforcement culture

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CEPOL highlights how it contributes to a common European law enforcement culture
25 May 2022

Ms Mailis Pukonen, CEPOL Head of Operations, participated this week as a keynote speaker at the ‘Seminar on the common EU law enforcement culture: Learning to live with multiple police identities’.

The Seminar, organised on 23-24 May by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union at the premises of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, focused on the development of a shared European approach for internal security forces for enhanced interoperability and more efficient cooperation, based on the French-Spanish experience POLARIS (Police Academies Regional Integrated Schooling) and current shared deployments. It also addressed the inclusion of common steps in training European internal security forces.

Participants representing a wide range of positions and responsibilities in the area of law enforcement vocational education, training and language teaching, had the opportunity to share experiences and good practices. Keynote speakers from France, Luxembourg, Germany, Lithuania and Spain provided examples of renewed and stimulating forms of law enforcement cooperation, while the Chair of and Deputy Chair of the CEPOL Management Board, Mr Philippe Durand and Mr. Jan Pecháček, closed the event.

Speaking at the Seminar on the topic of ‘CEPOL activities promoting a common European culture for law enforcement authorities’, Ms Pukonen said:

‘The agency effectively contributes to the development of a common European law enforcement culture through the training activities in its portfolio. It offers a unique environment to exchange best practises among EU Member States, third countries, international organisations, as well as other EU bodies and agencies. In practical terms, EU law enforcement officials learn how to work together, establishing shared values and modus operandi’.

‘This common EU law enforcement culture is cultivated through joint training activities, including the CEPOL Exchange Programme, allowing for the creation of shared standards which are particularly important for cross-border law enforcement cooperation’, she explained, while highlighting the importance of the agency’s International Cooperation Projects. Ms Pukonen also stressed the cross-cutting role of fundamental rights in CEPOL’s training portfolio: ‘In ensuring that fundamental rights are horizontally included in all training activities, CEPOL also contributes to the common law enforcement culture of the future’.

During her speech, the CEPOL Head of Operations underlined the importance of the new EU-STNA report 2022-2025 in corresponding successfully to law enforcement training needs at the EU level, and noted the main findings of the CEPOL 5-year evaluation report. She also discussed CEPOL’s training priorities for 2022 and explained the work of the CEPOL Cybercrime Academy, which was established to respond to the particular training need of enhancing law enforcement cyber skills.



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