CEPOL holds its 5th online Management Board meeting

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12 November 2020

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training hosted today its 5th online CEPOL’s Management Board Meeting.

Chaired by Mr José Leitão, Head of the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security in Portugal, the meeting has taken place on the eve of the Home Affairs Council, where Member States will look at how to further strengthen the EU’s joints efforts to fight terrorism, following the recent attacks in France and Austria.

On that note, CEPOL Executive Director, Dr. h.c. Detlef Schröder, conveyed his sympathies to the French and Austrian colleagues and praised the work being carried out by the national law enforcement authorities conducting the investigations. “These are situations when we all need to stand together. This challenge will continue for the years to come. We are all committed to do our utmost to support our partners in the Member States to best fight against this heinous form of crime”.

The Management Board meeting allowed the adoption of the 2021 Single Programming Document, CEPOL’s main annual planning instrument. It also provided the opportunity to update members on EUR 23.5 million new project portfolio of capacity-building activities in the EU’s neighbourhood and on the new e-learning products that CEPOL intends to incorporate as part of its existing online training offer. In this regard, the efforts being done this year by the agency in adjusting its training portfolio to the new COVID-19 situation were acclaimed by several members of the Management Board. Relevant agenda points included as well the recent call for Framework Partners 2021-2024 and the restricted call for grants for 2021. The MB was apprised on the External Group on CEPOL new business model and on the positive implementation of the first pilot CEPOL Knowledge Centre on Counter-terrorism rolled out throughout 2020.

As a final message, Mr Leitão used this opportunity to announce the EU Law Enforcement working priorities under the upcoming Portuguese Presidency of the European Union.

About CEPOL Management Board

The CEPOL Management Board is made up of representatives from EU Member States and the EU Commission. The Chair of the Management Board is a representative of one of the three Member States that have jointly prepared the Council of the European Union’s 18-month programme. The Management Board meets at least two times per year (with more frequent meetings during COVID-19), in order to discuss current and future developments and assess the overall performance of the Agency. The Management Board meeting is an official event of the rotating EU Presidency.



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