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CEPOL Mailis Pukonen COSI
25 May 2021

CEPOL Head of Operations, Ms Mailis Pukonen represented on 19 May the agency via videoconference at the meeting of the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI).

The third COSI meeting under the Portuguese Presidency kicked-off with a short presentation from the Presidency on recent developments, followed by a discussion regarding the European Strategy on tackling organised crime.

Under this point, Ms Pukonen confirmed the agency’s continuous commitment to provide training at EU level to support the fight against serious and organised crime in priority areas and EMPACT. She also shared some important aspects that have emerged in the course of the research done within the scope of the new EU-STNA exercise covering the period 2022-2025.

"The EU-STNA has identified a lack of analytical tools and knowledge on the use of the data gained from large-scale IT systems for investigations, also in relation to the required human resources and the necessity of training on this topic" noted the CEPOL Head of Operations.

"The need for fully qualified, digitally equipped and experienced staff is highlighted in relation to the challenges that Members States are facing when it comes to systematic database checks or the use of AI tools; hence there is clearly a need to address this issue holistically at EU level", she added.

Another important highlight of the meeting was the exchange of views on the governance of the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security (Hub), a collaborative platform of innovation labs, composed of representatives of EU Member States and EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies to support the delivery of R&D, and innovative cutting-edge products for citizens' security in our area of freedom, security and justice.

Taking the floor during this agenda point, the CEPOL Head of operations reiterated the agency’s full support towards the EU Innovation Hub, and added: "Innovation is of strategic importance and there is a need for the allocation of sufficient resources from the start. The staff engaged will have to acquire the necessary skills, as no IT tool can succeed on its own. In this regard, education and training are directly linked to the concept of innovation".

Other topics on the agenda included the High-Risk Artificial Intelligence applications and the presentation of the work program of the incoming Slovenian Presidency.



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