CEPOL increases outreach by 20 percent in 2019

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22 June 2020

The number of law enforcement officers taking part in training by CEPOL reached last year a new record high with a total of 34,723 participants[1], according to the last Consolidated Annual Activity Report recently published by the Agency[2].

This strong increase in participation confirms a trend observed by the Agency since 2015: a 20 percent increase in outreach year over year. Also noteworthy is the aggregate data for the last decade: over 150,000 law enforcement officials from EU Member States and third countries have been trained by CEPOL.

Per thematic areas, almost half of all participants last year (46%) enrolled in training activities tackling critical security threats stemming from the European Agenda on Security, such as Serious and organised crime. Examples of sub-areas within this activity focus include money laundering and criminal finance; facilitated illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings, the various forms of cybercrime, excise and MTIC fraud, drugs trafficking, environmental crime, organised property crime, document fraud and firearms trafficking. Understanding the fact that cybercrime is one of the fastest evolving and expanding criminal area in serious organised and transnational crime, CEPOL further intensified its efforts to provide effective trainings in that particular area.

Other in-demand training areas were Law enforcement cooperation tools, professional networks information exchange (26% out of total participants), Counterterrorism (7% out of total participants); and Soft skill-building, leadership training and language skills (5% out of total participants).

Online learning, training solution of choice for 85% of participants

The Agency implemented last year a total of 327 training activities: one hundred of those activities were Residential and 142 e-Learning training, while 57 of the initiatives organised fell under the objective ‘Capacity Building in Third Countries’, and 28 under the Exchange Programme.

Online learning represented last year the training solution of choice for 85 percent of participants. The most attended type of e-Learning training were CEPOL webinars, with more than 18,500 participants registered; followed by the online modules, with 9,364. Other successful online training formulas include courses, virtual training centres and cyber bites.

Under the General CEPOL Exchange Programme, 468 exchanges were successfully implemented thereby having an implementation percentage of 141% (versus planned 330 exchanges). The CEPOL-Frontex Joint Exchange Programme, fully funded by Frontex, succeeded in implementing a total of 94 exchanges.

In terms of quality, CEPOL products, as measured by the stakeholders’ satisfaction rate, remained exceptionally high with overall 96% of participants stating that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the training received. This shows that CEPOL’s efforts to provide relevant, actual and practically applicable learning and training actions in the context of the EU internal security challenges have been successful.

[1] The figure refers to participants in CEPOL training activities, which includes individuals who may have participated in multiple courses.

[2] The Consolidated Annual Activity Report represents a comprehensive and transparent account of the Agency’s activities and results of the year and takes note of the declaration of assurance of CEPOL’s Executive Director.



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