CEPOL issues fast-track needs analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on law enforcement training

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03 July 2020

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training has published a report on the impact of COVID-19 on law enforcement training needs. This analysis will help shape CEPOL’s portfolio of online training activities, including e-learning products such as the newly launched webinar series that aims at enhancing the knowledge, skills and competencies of law enforcement officials across Europe as a response to the pandemic.

The analysis attempts to identify those areas where training reinforcement is deemed to be needed as a result of the changes in crime patterns observed and the challenges on the operational level as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

To carry out this report, CEPOL has consulted operational actors and centres of expertise in the areas of criminality addressing the most salient threats to the EU internal security, the so-called EMPACT areas: cybercrime, drug trafficking, facilitation of illegal immigration, organised property crime, trafficking in human beings, excise and MTIC fraud, Illicit firearms trafficking, environmental crime, criminal finances and money laundering, and document fraud. The results are based on data from almost 200 responses from EU Member States, EU agencies, the European Commission, the European Council, non-EU countries and international organisations.

The report, which outlines around 50 specific training needs, recommends addressing changed crime patterns and modi operandi in all criminal areas on the short term. On a mid-term perspective, the analysis advocates that training shall enhance the knowledge of officials in cyber investigations, use of open source intelligence and e-evidence on general level and in crime specific way. For the longer run, the report proposes training should share best practices on how to reorganise the work on operational level to ensure smooth operations and high level performance of protection of officials.

Read the full report here.



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