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Chinese delegation
19 May 2015

On 18 May 2015, a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security visited CEPOL’s headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. During the visit, CEPOL’s and the delegation’s representative could exchange information and best practices on law enforcement training.

Ms. Aija Kalnaja, Head of CEPOL’s Training and Research Unit, welcomed the Chinese delegation, headed by Mr. Xia Chongyuan, Vice Minister of Public Security of China. Ms. Kalnaja explained how CEPOL’s activities allow law enforcement professionals to increase their knowledge, share their experience and develop their competences. Participating to a CEPOL training allows to expand professional network, hence enforcing mutual trust among European law enforcement officers and fostering a closer cooperation between the countries.

Chinese delegation

The agency presented its 2015 training portfolio, made up of residential and online learning activities. After CEPOL’s presentation, the delegates from China introduced their training activities for law enforcement officers.

Ms. Kalnaja stated: “We are honoured by the interest that China, a long-standing partner for the European Union, is manifesting for CEPOL. This is the first official high-level delegation visiting CEPOL’s Headquarters. CEPOL is dedicated to the EU/China project in law enforcement training. Even though CEPOL focuses its work on European neighbouring countries, we are open and would be pleased to enhance cooperation with China”.

Chinese delegation

Mr. Xia Chongyuan, Vice Minister of Public Security of China: “We are honoured to be the first high-level delegation visiting CEPOL. We have been impressed by the way CEPOL organises its work. In China, there are 36 institutions dedicated to law enforcement training. Each institution is dedicated to one topic. CEPOL covers all topics on its own. We would like to enhance cooperation and exchanges with CEPOL. We hope that through these exchanges, we would be able to improve the quality of Chinese law enforcement training”.

Note for editors:

The European Police College (CEPOL) is an EU agency dedicated to providing training and learning opportunities to law enforcement officers on issues vital to the security of the European Union and its citizens. Training covers topics ranging from leadership to law enforcement techniques and from EU cooperation to economic crime. Activities are designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice and to contribute to the development of a common European law enforcement culture.



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