CEPOL opens e-Library for experts and scientists outside police forces

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26 April 2010

CEPOL’s electronic network (e-Net) has recently been adapted to allow user applications from those police researchers and scientists working in the academic arena.

One of CEPOL’s core areas is research, science and development. It is foreseen that by introducing this new access profile, CEPOL will improve its function as intermediary between police science, police practice and police training further enriching the e-Library in terms of quantity of users and quality of contributions.

The new profile ‘academic user’ allows CEPOL to give academic experts full access to CEPOL’s electronic library (e-Library), one of the systems available in e-Net. The European community of police researchers and scientists inside and outside of the police are offered the opportunity to bring their latest research findings to a European wide audience of senior police officers and policing experts.

Users can register for a CEPOL e-Net account via the website at:
www.cepol.europa.eu. Once registrations are approved, users will be allocated rights depending on the areas they should have access to.

CEPOL recommends that those in the academic community interested in requesting an ‘academic user’ e-Net account include the name of their institute or university in order to assist CEPOL in evaluating applications. The network of CEPOL’s
National Research and Science Correspondents will support this process.

Dr Detlef Nogala, CEPOL Secretariat, said: “The predecessor to CEPOL’s e-Library was also tailored to those with a legitimate interest in police research and findings and was well-used. We have been working hard to ensure the e-Library could also be rolled out to a wider user base and I am delighted it is now open for academic users. I hope the system will grow considerably so that all e-Library users, police, police trainers and academics, can benefit from each other.”

Further information regarding e-Net and the CEPOL e-Library can be found in the “
About e-Net” section of the website. Specific information about the administration of user rights for e-Net can be found in CEPOL Governing Board decision

CEPOL’s e-Net was launched in 2008 and brings together all CEPOL’s previous systems under one single sign-on to simplify access for users.

To access the system visit CEPOL’s website at:
www.cepol.europa.eu .



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