CEPOL Research and Science Conference 2021 hits record high number of registrations

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07 May 2021

CEPOL concluded this afternoon the online Research & Science Conference 2021, organised in collaboration with the Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. The 3-day Conference brought together more than 500 officials from European law enforcement organisations and qualified scholars from universities and research institutions, actively working with law enforcement institutions.

The 62 different sessions of the Conference provided an online platform to share knowledge, facts and lessons (to be) learnt, while exploring not only challenges but also new opportunities for the future. 89 speakers, from young PhD holders to internationally leading experts, shared their experience and scientific findings, providing answers to numerous questions regarding the current pandemic situation and its impact on different aspects of law enforcement activities.

Among the topics discussed was the role of law enforcement in tackling disinformation campaigns and fake news in pandemic times, as well as policing innovations against domestic abuse during the Covid-19 crisis. Furthermore, the Conference explored how organised crime infiltrated the Covid-19 economy and examined the ways the pandemic affected the mental health of police officers and trainees, offering insights on what could be done to provide support and improve the situation. A special focus was also given to the challenges and creative approaches of police training during the pandemic, with inspiring examples and case studies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany or Portugal.

On the occasion of the completion of the three-day sessions, a panel discussion took place this afternoon, to summarise findings and lessons learned, while opening the floor to future discussions, knowledge sharing and further scientific research on the different topics that were covered during the Conference.

The Executive Director of CEPOL, Dr. h.c. Detlef Schröder officially closed the proceedings by thanking the speakers for their contributions and the participants for their active involvement in the Conference.

Presentations discussed during the Conference will soon be made available on our website at the CEPOL Research & Science Conference 2021 page.

Our Special Conference Edition Nr. 5 of the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin, CEPOL’s peer-reviewed, open-access scientific online publication, to be produced later this year, will be dedicated to the final papers of the speakers who honoured us with their participation at the online CEPOL Research and Science Conference 2021.



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