CEPOL sets up Task Force in response to COVID-19

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30 March 2020

A COVID-19 response Task Force, led by CEPOL Executive Director Dr. h. c. Detlef Schröder has been set up to provide, in line with CEPOL’s legal mandate, support to the Member States and partner agencies in the context of the current coronavirus outbreak crisis.

This Task Force, of temporary nature, will - in line with Articles 3 and 4 of the CEPOL legal mandate, ensure that the best possible support will be provided to partners on training and education of law enforcement officials by leveraging CEPOL’s existing online technology and e-learning infrastructure.

This decision follows the announcement in recent days of the extension of the suspension of a number of operational activities, with the exception of e-learning offer and other online training initiatives, which remain intact.

The Task Force will be composed of one contact person per Member State or partner organisation, to facilitate the communication flow with the stakeholders and better understand their specific needs and requirements. Additionally, further colleagues per Member State or partner organisation are to be assigned to provide support with the CEPOL online infrastructure and competence.

The central coordination will develop this week a business plan to set clear deliverables and adjust activities to the existing work plan.



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