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14 October 2013

The autumn 2013 is a high season for the EU Policy Cycle. There are still the on-going actions from eight Operational Action Plans 2013 contributing to the ‘old’ priorities; however, the Council of Justice and Home ministers set in June 2013 the ‘new’ priorities for the fight against serious and organised crime envisaged for 2014-2017. During 2012 CEPOL presented to COSI a comprehensive portfolio of learning activities to be implemented in close cooperation with the European Commission, General Secretariat of the Council and Europol. Built on the experience from a CEPOL pilot course ‘EU Policy Cycle’ held in Farnham (23/2012) the activities in 2013 included the following:

May, e-learning module on EU Policy Cycle: 

The very first presentation of the product was addressed to the National EMPACT Coordinators. The module shall help officers in all EU Member States to understand what is behind the terms flying around their ears frequently, like ‘MASP’, ‘OAP’, Driver, Co-Driver, ‘PAD’. Accessible from your computer, it is a user friendly source of briefl information on the EU JHA architecture – please, try!

May, The Hague, 2/2013: 

A workshop-based event for National EMPACT Coordinators (NEC) was organised as a joint activity with Europol. CEPOL`s engagement enriched the event with learning elements - we introduced and led workshops aiming at better cohesion between Drivers and NECs. At the same time we arranged direct communication with COSI Support Group delegates (Justice and Home affairs counsellors) who attended part of the event. The attendance of 28 NECs from all EU MS plus Croatia, all 8 Drivers and JHA counsellors from 24 EU MS created a vibrant and lively working atmosphere. The satisfaction was also reflected in the Irish Presidency report.

June and July, Brussels, 4/2013:

As agreed with the European Commission who organised the nine Multi Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) workshops, CEPOL provided a training session at the beginning of each of them.  The ‘demo’ exercise not only warmed up the experts who did not meet in this format before but also allowed them to simulate the process of their creative thinking needed for delivery of a set of strategic goals for 2014-2017, finally approved by the COSI in September.

September, The Hague, 5/2013:

A 2-days event for Drivers and Co-Drivers delivered in cooperation with Europol was a handful of tools & tips how to facilitate an Operational Action Plan (OAP) workshop. The teams for each priority met for the first time: Driver, Co-Driver(s), Europol Support Manger, Europol analyst, Eurojust delegate, EMPACT Support Unit staff member. CEPOL led workshops stimulated sharing of knowledge regarding ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ and OAP workshop. 

October, The Hague, 6-7/2013

Starting with Cyber all nine OAP 2014 workshops will have a CEPOL training session preparing the experts for their job – what is a good action, can you measure it, and does it contribute to more than one goal or priority… A practical exercise in small sub-groups shall open the minds and help the Drivers to achieve the goal of the day – have a good OAP for 2014.

We hope to see the colleagues from your country attending!

Zuzana Liskova, Course manager



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