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25 February 2011

The 14th Research and Science Working Group meeting, which took place at Bramshill in October, was a special occasion. Coming full circle, Bramshill is the place where Dr. Janós Fehérváry chaired the first ever, and his last, Research and Science Working Group meeting. CEPOL Director, Dr. Ferenc Banfi, awarded him with a special CEPOL silver coin in recognition of his achievements as Chair of the Research and Science Working Group for more than three years. Dr. Fehérváry will continue to support CEPOL's research and science activities as member of the Training & Research Committee and promised to be available for advice if needed.

The working group has nominated Dr. Risto Honkonen (Finland) as the next Chair, while Dr. Lesley Duff (United Kingdom) will continue as Deputy Chair, pending Governing Board approval at the 22nd meeting. There were also changes in membership to note, as Francisco del Bario Romero had to move his professional career to a neighbouring continent and Prof. Johannes Knutsson had to retire because of new professional obligations in his home country.

Member States answered the call for nominations by suggesting eight possible candidates, from which two were suggested to the Training and Research Commitee to be accepted and to be approved by the Governing Board. The new members will join the Research and Science Working Group at its 15th meeting in early 2011.

Dr Ferenc Banfi took the opportunity to introduce the group members to CEPOL's new strategy in person, assisted by Deputy Director Detlef Schröder. Reflections on the Multi-Annual Plan, its implications for the group and the focus of research and science activities in the years to come, made up a great part of the meeting. One of the outcomes was that the group will focus its work on drafting an action-plan, designed to point out practical steps to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the CEPOL's strategy.

Another topic was the final report of the Sub-group 'Survey on European Police Education and Bologna'. Sub-group Chair, Dr. Eduardo Ferreira, had been invited to summarise the work procedures and the essential outcomes which will be presented to the Governing Board at the next meeting. Summary results will be made publicly available shortly after the meeting.

Another major issue was the (self) assessment of publishing four issues of the European Police Science and Research Bulletin (the fourth issue is due in December). Achievements made, lessons learned and problems encountered on the way were listed to suggest that the trial period has been concluded successfully. It will be suggested to the Training and Research Committee and Governing Board to establish the Bulletin as a permanent CEPOL product, with three issues published per year.

A map of European police research institutes, available on CEPOL's website, was unveiled and will be officially presented to the CEPOL community in the near future.

The group also discussed ways to establish a new CEPOL Research Award and the project of a European Handbook of Policing, but decided to continue the discussion at the next meeting.

In terms of the Work Programme 2011, the group will continue to provide support of the organisers of R&S activities.

The meeting is scheduled to take place in France on 12-14 January 2011.



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