Congratulations to the CEPOL EJMP Graduates!

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05 August 2019

CEPOL is pleased to announce the successful completion of our second edition of the European Joint Master Programme (EJMP). We would like to extend our congratulations to all the students who have successfully completed their Master Degree in “Policing in Europe” and defended their Master Theses in the during the last three weeks.

From October 2017 to July 2019, law enforcement officials or experts from across Europe followed the Programme’s 7 academic modules, successfully defended their Master Theses, and earned the proud title of a CEPOL EJMP Graduate.

CEPOL is delighted that out of 28 graduating students, three of them have received 99% or 100% marks (equalling 9.9 and 10.0 in the Spanish Grade scale). This is very seldom in the academic world and shows the dedication and effort our graduates have put in their academic work.

Prof Dr De Diego of the National Distance University in Spain (UNED) issuing the Master Diplomas and EJMP coordinator commented:

The general average grades and results of the students are of very high standard, and I am very proud that three of the students will be recommended to receive the “Matricula de Honor” for their Master Theses, pending internal decision inside UNED

The Graduates’ Master Theses will soon be available in the CEPOL e-Library, thus allowing other academics to continue further research on a specific topic. Furthermore, those with the highest grades will be given an opportunity to submit their Master Thesis in the form of a research article to be published in the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin.

CEPOL is confident that our graduates will use acquired knowledge in their professional career, and that the CEPOL Master Programme created a strong network of peers, and strengthened a common European culture among law enforcement officials.

The EJMP Graduation Ceremony will take place at the CEPOL Headquarters in Budapest on Friday, 11 October 2019.

The EJMP is an EU academic programme, developed in 2015 and is run by a Consortium of academic partners from 13 EU Member States, with the Master Diploma being awarded by the National Distance University in Spain (UNED). The Master Programme itself consists of seven modules having a specific focus on the European dimension in policing.

It aims to address common challenges of Police Cooperation in the frame of Internal Security. It equips law enforcement officials or experts with science-based competences in a European community of practice. The EJMP fully complies with the Bologna Declaration for Higher Education and the Dublin Descriptors, recognised by all Universities in the European Union. This alignment ensures the academic quality, coherence, and consistency of the Master Programme.

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