The Danish Presidency: Our first two months

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09 March 2012

The Presidency priorities were presented at the Informal Meeting of the JHA Council in Copenhagen on 26 – 27 January 2012 and to the LIBE and JURI Committees of the European Parliament: A responsible Europe, a dynamic Europe, a green Europe and a safe Europe.

The fourth strand, a safe Europe, has a focus on the continued implementation of the Stockholm Programme. As new global powers are emerging, there is a strong need for a stronger common European role on the global scene. With the establishment of the position as High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and a European External Action Service, the Lisbon Treaty has provided the EU with a valuable new basis for achieving increased global influence. The European Neighbourhood Policy is an important tool to ensure good and lasting relations to the EU’s neighbouring countries with a new more merit-based approach.

Within the area of Justice six conferences have been held:

  • Think Tank Football Expert Group Meeting 11 – 12 January 2012
  • EU-USA high level meeting 12 – 13 January
  • Conference on innovative boarder management 2 – 3 February
  • Seminar on Child Abuse in Cyber Space 13 – 14 February
  • Seminar on e-Justice 16 – 17 February
  • European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services 27 – 28 February

At the Justice and Home Affairs Minister’s Meeting at Brussels on 8 March 2012, the Presidency tabled for discussion a proposal for new methods for combating organised crime based on Danish experiences with a multi-disciplinary and administrative approach where cross sectoral cooperation plays a key role in preventing and combating crime.

Adopted CEPOL Governing Board Decisions by written procedures:

  • 01/2012/GB Approving the Meeting Calendar
  • 02/2012/GB Approving the 5th Progress Report on the implementation of CEPOL’s Multi-Annual Plan 2010-2014
  • 03/2012/GB Adopting the Preliminary Draft work Programme 2013
  • 04/2012/GB Adopting the Preliminary Draft Budget 2013 (by unanimity)
  • 05/2012/GB Adopting the Revised Preliminary Draft Work Programme 2013 and repealing Decision 03/2012/GB
  • 06/2012/GB Adopting the revised Preliminary Draft Budget 2013 (by unanimity)
  • 07/2012/GB Approving the 2012 Action Plans for Working Groups


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