EU Agencies United in Diversity

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EU Agencies United in Diversity
24 May 2022

Take pride in being different because it makes work richer.

May is European Diversity Month – an opportunity to celebrate what makes us unique and to acknowledge that together we are stronger and richer.

We may come from diverse backgrounds, gender, age, or sexual orientation; share different beliefs or values, have different physical abilities, communicate in other languages, or make different choices. But, in the end, we are all part of the same journey. A brand new video invites you to discover how our different identity layers can co-exist in the work environment:

In EU Agencies diversity is our strength. Together with equality, these are our top priorities, and we aspire promoting them in the workplace with targeted action plans and measures. They may range from addressing multiculturalism to the development of gender action plans, trainings on promoting inclusion at work and fighting stigma, measures on making office more accessible to all regardless of their physical abilities.

In EU Agencies we want our staff to feel valued and respected, and to be offered the opportunity to bring out the best in them. We want them to be comfortable of who they are. A survey conducted by the EU Agencies Network (EUAN) Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) working group concluded that most of the members of staff feel comfortable talking about their background and culture with their colleagues (80%). They also believe diversity should be among their Agency’s top priorities (78%) and that people of all backgrounds are respected and valued (71%).

However, only 24% of the respondents think Agencies provide a comprehensive policy for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities and enough training to promote equal opportunities. Similarly, only 27% are of the opinion that Agencies provide sufficient training programmes promoting diversity and inclusion.

There is still much to be achieved but, bit by bit, we move forward to building more diverse and inclusive organisations. Those interested in pursuing a career in the EU should know that European organisations are all equal opportunity employers and consider diversity an asset. This is what makes Europe stronger and richer.

EU Agencies Network: Working for you and for your future

The EU Agencies Network (EUAN) enhance the value of individual EU Agencies and Joint Undertakings by deepening their collaboration, with the objective of providing EU citizens, businesses and institutions the right foundation to achieve their priorities. In so doing, it represent a cost-efficient, agile and impactful administrative backbone for the implementation of Union policies.

The Network of 48 Agencies and Joint Undertakings located across the EU play a vital role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of citizens. The Agencies/JUs help the EU take decisions in several areas affecting the everyday lives of the 500 million people living in the EU. The Agencies/JUs provide specialised knowledge in various areas, such as the food we eat, medicines we take, the chemicals we come into contact with, education programmes, the quality of our working lives & environment, justice and home affairs, transport safety, equality between women and men, security and our fundamental rights.

As part of the Network, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Education (CEPOL) is located in Budapest, and it is responsible for developing, implementing and coordinating training for law enforcement officials across the EU, including not only police officers, but also customs officials, judiciary and border guards.

The EUAN members make Europe more competitive and a better place to live and work.



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