EU Strategic Training Needs Assessment 2022-2025 kicks off

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03 February 2021

EU Law Enforcement training is effective only if it addresses the actual needs of EU law enforcement officials.

To better understand the specific trainings needs in the area of EU internal security for the upcoming years, CEPOL has launched the EU Strategic Training Needs Assessment (EU-STNA) 2022-2025. This is an EU-wide exercise aiming at identifying EU-level training priorities to help build the necessary capacity of law enforcement officials in the area of internal security and serious and organised cross-border crime, while seeking to avoid a duplication of efforts between the Member States and the EU.

This comprehensive exercise is coordinated by CEPOL every four years. The research and analysis process runs for approximately 15 months and comprises six phases (see infographic): Desk research, expert consultations, definition, prioritisation, report and endorsement, and evaluation (see infographic). CEPOL has now kicked-off this process in cooperation with the Member States, who have nominated contact points responsible for: appointing relevant experts in specific internal security areas; coordinating the prioritisation exercise; and estimating the volume of officials requiring specific training. During the EU-STNA exercise, CEPOL will cooperate with the entire spectrum of partners of the EU internal security ecosystem, such as the European Commission Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs (DG HOME), EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament, EMPACT groups and relevant professional networks.

The outcome of the EU-STNA exercise is a report detailing multi-annual training needs in all identified areas. Law Enforcement training providers will be able to use from 2022 to 2025 the results of the EU-STNA exercise to align their respective training portfolios to the strategic priorities identified, thus ensuring qualitative and consistent training for law enforcement officials in Europe.

Here is a short explanatory video about the EU Strategic Training Needs Assessment process.

You can also check the results of previous EU Strategic Training Needs Assessment 2018-2021: report and video.



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