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22 July 2010

Aled Williams, President of Eurojust, and Andrew Crookes, Eurojust UK Deputy National Member and contact point for CEPOL, visited CEPOL Secretariat on 19 July 2010. During their visit, they met with Dr Ferenc Bánfi, CEPOL Director, and Detlef Schröder, Head of Programmes.

The Eurojust representatives heard about CEPOL’s new strategic approach and discussed future cooperation possibilities between the two EU agencies, following the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year.

Aled Williams said: “For Eurojust, CEPOL is an important cooperating agency in the Justice and Home Affairs area. In recent years we have already implemented good operational cooperation in the training area. I also see good opportunities for the further cooperation at a strategic level.”

Detlef Schröder added: “We discussed the possibility to enhance cooperation between CEPOL and Eurojust, identifying specific possibilities for future collaboration in the areas of our courses and seminars and for the elaboration of common multi-professional training initiatives.”

Eurojust is a judicial cooperation body created to help provide safety within an area of freedom, security and justice. Set-up by the Council of the European Union in February 2002 to improve the fight against serious crime by facilitating the optimal co-ordination of action for investigations and prosecutions covering the territory of more than one Member State with full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. Eurojust is composed of 27 National Members, one from each EU Member State. These are senior and experienced judges, prosecutors, or police officers of equivalent competence, who together form the College of Eurojust.


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