EUROMED Police project builds capacity to tackle cybercrime in the EU Southern Neighbourhood

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08 April 2022

In the framework of the EUROMED Police Project, 20 law enforcement officials from Israel, Jordan, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia and AFRIPOL took part in a course on Cybercrime investigations. The training was the first regional activity of the project involving countries from across the North Africa and Middle East region.

The activity, which was held between 21-25 March at the premises of the CEPOL Cybercrime Academy in Budapest, Hungary, was organised in close cooperation with the International Training Centre of the Hungarian National Police.

Cybercrime is one of the crime priorities in the region according to the findings of the Operational Training Needs Assessment conducted by the EUROMED Police project. The course focused on the emerging trends and technologies, which nowadays affect the cyber domain. During the training, the participants engaged in practical exercises and workshops, gaining a deeper knowledge of the types of attacks against information systems and the techniques for investigating cybercrime. The course also provided a chance to explore the basics of the Darknet and the Dark Web, while also shedding light on how criminal marketplaces operate.

As the cyber domain knows no borders, the EUROMED Police project fosters cooperation among law enforcement agencies in the North Africa and Middle East region to tackle cybercrime and other criminal offenses, with the final objective of strengthening already existing regional networks and partnerships to build a more secure EU Southern Neighbourhood.

About EUROMED Police

The EUROMED Police project aims at enhancing the capacity of the Southern Partner Countries to fight serious and organised crime and to strengthen strategic cooperation between national law enforcement authorities in Southern Partner countries, as well as between Southern Partner countries, EU Member States and EU Agencies. The European Union committed EUR 7 million to the initiative for a period of 4 years. Find out more about the EUROMED Police project here.



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