EUROMED Police project strengthens capacity to fight illicit firearms trafficking in the North Africa region

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EUROMED Police project strengthens capacity to fight illicit firearms trafficking in the North Africa region
25 May 2022

The EUROMED Police project implemented a sub-regional training aimed at stepping up the capacity of Maghreb countries to fight illicit firearms and explosives trafficking. The course took place in Tunis from 9 to 13 May and saw the participation of law enforcement officials from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as from the African Union Mechanism for Police Cooperation (AFRIPOL).

The five-day training focused on the international instruments available to the law enforcement community to fight this type of crime and also dived into topics such as explosives’ precursors and firearms traceability. The course also provided an opportunity for the EUROMED Police partner countries to share experiences and case studies on this thematic area.

For the implementation of the course, the EUROMED Police project received the support of EMPACT firearms group, as two experts form the Federal Judicial Police of Belgium and the French Customs Police joined the training and shared the best practices applied at EU level to fight arms smuggling.

The training activity also benefitted from the contribution of guest speakers from Europol, Frontex and Interpol, which provided insight on international cooperation tools to improve investigative approaches.

During the course, Michel Quillé, CEPOL’s expert, remarked the importance of training and specialisation to effectively tackle arms smuggling:

“The first step to increase efficiency in the fight against illicit firearms and explosives trafficking is the establishment of specialised units dedicated to this fight. This specialisation can only be achieved by a permanent and sustained training adapted to the changes in this type of crime".

Finally, the course highlighted the crucial role of information sharing among countries and international organizations to effectively hinder firearms trafficking. Strengthening already existing regional networks is one of the objectives of EUROMED Police, as the project’s training activities are also meant to build a platform for increased future cooperation between the South Partner countries of the European Union.

About EUROMED Police

The EUROMED Police project aims at enhancing the capacity of the Southern Partner Countries to fight serious and organised crime and to strengthen strategic cooperation among national law enforcement authorities in this region, as well as with EU Member States and EU Agencies. Find out more about the EUROMED Police project here.



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