EUROMED Police rolls out CEPOL’s first sub-regional training in Egypt

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30 November 2021

The EUROMED Police project implemented the Combatting Illicit Firearms Trafficking onsite course in cooperation with the Egypt Police Academy in Cairo from 7 to 11 November. Firearms, war weapons, and ammunition trafficking accelerate organised crime and terrorism, posing a threat to public safety in the Middle East and North Africa Region. The EUROMED Police project aims to increase the capacity of MENA countries to fight this type of crime.

18 Law enforcement officials from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, and the Arab Interior Ministers’ Council (AIMC) participated in the activity, and trainers and keynote speakers attended from Europol, Interpol, Austria, Egypt, Finland, Jordan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Palestinian Authority and Portugal. The sessions focused on the best practices to tackle firearms trafficking, while also highlighting the operational dimensions of the topic.

About EUROMED Police

The EUROMED Police project aims to enhance the capacity of the Southern Partner Countries to fight serious and organised crime and strengthen strategic cooperation between national law enforcement authorities in Southern Partner countries, as well as between Southern Partner countries, EU Member States and EU Agencies. Find out more about the EUROMED Police project here.



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