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08 July 2009

Dear Colleagues,

In the European Commission Communication on the Stockholm Programme, under section 4.2.1 More effective European Police cooperation there is one sentence stating: “Europol could take over the training role of CEPOL”. We have approached the Commission asking for an explanation, background, aim and justification of that standalone sentence (4 July 2009).

The Commission (Mr. Fabio Marini, Deputy Head of Unit, DG JLS/F3) responded promptly (6 July 2009):

“Concerning the future of CEPOL, the VP Barrot clearly addressed CEPOL’s situation with his colleagues at lunch during the JHA Council in April. In the Commission Communication on the Stockholm Programme the possibility to fusion CEPOL in Europol is mentioned as a general political hypothesis. The European Commission has constantly supported and monitored the CEPOL’s activity since its very beginning in order to ensure the respect of requirements of the Financial Regulation. The respect of rules is the real and only purpose which backs the Commission’s action. We think a good management in CEPOL is the most important and urgent issue for the Agency now”.

With this clarification, we have the basis for further discussions on the subject in matter at the next Governing Board meeting in October. Until then, let’s focus on CEPOL’s core business.

In addition, regarding the recruitment process of a new CEPOL Director, we have invited the Commission to appoint a representative to the Selection Committee, which will be established at the 17th Governing Board meeting.

Finally, I remind you of the deadline, 9 July 2009, to come forward with opinions on the draft advertisement to be published in the Official Journal and the information on job description etc. to be published in CEPOL’s official website regarding recruitment of a new Director.

Yours truly,

Ebba Sverne Arvill

Chair of the Governing Board



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