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CEPOL Cybercrime online learning module
07 April 2020

Following the launch of our updated Darknet module last week, CEPOL is pleased to announce the release of an updated module in the domain of Cybercrime and Cyber-enabled crime. The content of the Cybercrime online learning module has been updated and is now available on CEPOL’s eNet.

Because hackers are not on lockdown.

During the time of coronavirus pandemic we observe a rise in acts done by cybercriminals. With this module you may get your self up to date with the latest ways law enforcement deals with cybercrime in the EU.

The update took place in 2019 with input from law enforcement and judicial subject matter experts from the Member States and the European Commission. The content of the module has been formally adopted by Management Board Decision 1/2020/MB.

In the updated module, a distinction is made between cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime. The latter is becoming an increasingly more critical phenomenon for law enforcement agencies to tackle in these days where internet technology becomes omnipresent in our every-day life, including crime. The module describes different forms of these crimes and, through EMPACT, the European response to this. Dedicated priority areas such as cyber-attacks against information systems, non-cash means of payment fraud and child sexual exploitation are covered in the module.

The module is an essential and precious training resource that can be used by trainers and educators in their formal courses or law enforcement training curricula. Individual learners can use the module for their professionalisation. Through quizzes per topic, the user can test their knowledge. Upon successful completion of all quizzes, a certificate is issued.

More information about the updated online module can be found in the ‘Types of learning’ section. The Cybercrime online module is accessible free of charge for law enforcement officers through the online learning platform e-Net.

CEPOL Cybercrime Online Module



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