LEEd becomes available to beneficiary partners: CEPOL International Cooperation Projects get their own e-learning space

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LEEd multitenancy
13 October 2021

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training has released the multitenancy feature of its e-Learning Management System, LEEd. Through the setup of a new system architecture, CEPOL has made possible the creation of autonomous learning sites and a safe space for localisation and customisation of training resources to serve users of project partners.

In practical terms, the multitenancy allows law enforcement officials from CEPOL projects’ partners to register on the platform. Each of CEPOL International Cooperation projects – CT INFLOW, EUROMED Police, TOPCOP and WB PaCT – has now a dedicated learning space that allows the delivery of online components to law enforcement, including online courses and webinars, to complement the traditional training and onsite activities, thus following a blended-learning approach. In the framework of EUROMED Police, the learning space will represent the Euromed Knowledge Base as an important milestone of the project.

About this new development, CEPOL’s Executive Director, Dr h.c. Detlef Schröder, highlighted: “Our multitenancy environment is born to become a shared pool of learning and training resources for the law enforcement community in our projects’ partners. The latest development in our e-learning platform will contribute to scale up training, knowledge and best practices to a wider law enforcement audience in the EU’s Neighbourhood region”.

In practice, each of the four new online learning spaces is entirely dedicated to the corresponding project, while its content is exclusively available and customised to CEPOL projects’ partners. Each course will have a discussion forum in order to allow course participants to engage in discussions or to share knowledge about particular crime areas. Assignments and quiz activities will also be available to test the trainees' level of comprehension regarding course materials, which provides trainers with insights into every learner’s progress and potential knowledge gaps.

The introduction of the multitenancy component in LEEd has no impact on the experience of already registered users – one of the particularities of this type of online architecture is that users only see the learning content relevant and available to them within the training catalogue.

Find out more on beneficiary countries on the dedicated project pages here.



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