Management Board celebrates CEPOL’s 20 years anniversary

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20 May 2021

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training hosted this week its 6th online Management Board meeting, providing an opportunity to celebrate CEPOL’s 20 years of operational existence.

The meeting, chaired by Mr José Leitão, Head of the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security in Portugal, opened with a video message by the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ms. Ylva Johansson. “Your work is crucial to help law enforcement adapt to Europe’s changing security threats”, declared Commissioner Johansson in her video message.

CEPOL was born two decades ago with the resolution to build a community of national police academies, training institutes and universities to help enhance the capacity of police officers across the EU to fight against crime, in particular cross-border crime. Along the way, CEPOL has created bonds of mutual knowledge and understanding between police training institutions all over Europe –those efforts crystallised into the creation of a community-funded EU body, responsible, now under its current mandate, to develop, implement and coordinate training to law enforcement professionals across the European Union, including no just police officers, but also customs officials, judiciary and border guards.

Since 2001, CEPOL has trained more than 200,000 law enforcement officials providing a valuable contribution to all EU internal security priority areas, from combatting terrorism and organised crime, to fighting drugs trade and human trafficking and other direct threats to citizens and our European way of life.

CEPOL’s Executive Director, Dr. h.c. Detlef Schröder, highlighted:

The role of CEPOL in supporting the up-skilling of EU law enforcement officials is instrumental to address the EU internal security challenges, especially in times where cross-border cooperation is no longer a matter of debate, but a living reality for all of us, and while we get exposed to new global threats requiring a coordinated response, such as international terrorism, illegal migration, cybersecurity or cybercrime.

CEPOL Management Board's Chair, Mr Jose Leitão, stated:

Over 20 years ago, during the 2000 Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, I was engaged in the discussions that led to the establishment of a network of partners that would become the genesis of CEPOL, which was later settled at Bramshill. It has been impressive to follow the development and growth of the network that became a College and then a fully fledged Agency. I am now proud to chair this Management Board and contribute with the Agency, the partners and the stakeholders to continue to make a safer Europe, through learning.

During the online meeting, the Management Board adopted the Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2020. Participants received an update on the list of granted activities in 2022 and the programming principles for 2023. The Management Board members were also informed on the Agency’s Progress Report for the first quarter in 2021, as well as CEPOL’s provisional annual accounts 2020. Relevant agenda points included as well the undergoing EU Training Needs Assessment 2022-2025 and Operational Training Needs Analysis, the setup of CEPOL Knowledge Centres, the new e-Learning products that are on offer to the law enforcement community and the status of the externally EU-funded international cooperation projects currently being led by CEPOL.

As a final message, the Slovenian delegation took the floor to announce the EU Law Enforcement working priorities under their upcoming Presidency of the European Union.



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