New CEPOL Director Meets President José Manuel Barroso

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19 February 2010

Dr Ferenc Bánfi, CEPOL’s new Director, had the opportunity to meet with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso at the Heads of EU Agencies meeting on Wednesday.

The main topic under discussion was ways to strengthen the agencies partnership with the European Commission and to share views on the EU’s future approach to the governance of the agencies.

Dr Bánfi said: “The attendance of President Barroso at the meeting yesterday is an extremely positive signal for all EU agencies. In addition, both the Lisbon Treaty and Stockholm Programme offer far greater opportunities for CEPOL to add value in the areas of security and justice in the future.”

In a consecutive meeting held on Wednesday, Detlef Schröder, Head of Programmes, attended the Police Cooperation Working Party of the European Council where a new Police Erasmus-style programme was discussed.

Dr Bánfi added: “CEPOL is very much looking forward to being tasked with this wonderful new exchange programme in the years 2011-2014.”


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