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07 October 2010

The European Parliament has decided not to give discharge for the budgetary year 2008. Since that time, CEPOL has implemented a transformation programme, marked by the appointment of new leadership in early 2010. The CEPOL of 2008 no longer exists; CEPOL in 2010 is an organisation dedicated to excellence in all areas of activity.

The European Police College’s (CEPOL) Director fully accepts the decision of the EP. The refusal of the discharge was expected since the year 2008 was marked by inadequacy and ineffectiveness in the areas of budget, procurement and human resources management. In addition the European Anti-Fraud Office’s (OLAF) investigation led to a referral for criminal procedure against the former director. This fact cast a shadow over the achievements of 40 national training institutions in the Member States and draws the attention away from the core activities and the value added to the fight against crime through education and learning.

Training courses, seminars, conferences, the exchange programme and other projects brought together thousands of senior police officers, scientists and researchers in the last 5 years.

The implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and the commencement of the Stockholm Programme demand that the coming years will be marked by increasing expectations of European law enforcement education. Building European Training Schemes is one aim that will result in a shift from quantitative to qualitative thinking in teaching and learning in law enforcement. Aligned with this trend, CEPOL will concentrate on the implementation of its recently approved strategy and addressing all expectations of the Parliament.

The European Police College has been under new management since February 2010 and considers the work of the Agency is now conducted in line with all applicable regulations and legitimate expectations of all stakeholders.



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