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08 November 2012
On Tuesday 6 November, the Director of CEPOL, Dr Ferenc Bánfi, presented an update of CEPOL’s activities to the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament.

Dr Bánfi took the opportunity to highlight the achievements of CEPOL in recent years, notably the progress made in the quality and quantity of training and learning activities offered by the European Police College.

The number of police officers participating in CEPOL activities has grown from 2,300 in 2009 to 4,300 in 2011 and this number is expected to be higher in 2012. Similarly, the number of activities has increased from 91 in 2010 to 106 in 2011. The satisfaction rate of participants is, on average, 93%.

In the past years, CEPOL’s training approach has become more integrated into the EU landscape and a large portion of the annual training calendar is dedicated to activities on the EU Policy Cycle for Serious and Organised Crime. 

From a governance perspective, Dr Bánfi underlined that CEPOL operates in a legal, regular and reliable manner and has taken significant steps to streamline its governance structure to ensure a more results-oriented approach, which has also resulted in reduced operating costs.

The current economic climate and related austerity measures have had an effect on police services in Europe, with training budgets also being cut. As the EU agency dedicated to fostering police cooperation through learning, CEPOL is well placed to support learning for law enforcement officers and is ready to assist future efforts to increase and improve the training toolbox that is currently available to law enforcement officers in field of judicial and police cooperation.

Dr Bánfi’s presentation followed a speech from Mr Reinhard Priebe, Director for Internal Security, DG Home Affairs, who announced that, in the context of reviews of the legal frameworks of CEPOL and EUROPOL, the European Commission is reflecting on the possibility of combining both agencies.

Following his speech, Dr Banfi heard statements and answered questions from members of the LIBE Committee, before summing up statements from Mr Priebe and Dr Bánfi.

Dr Bánfi’s
speech is now available.

Streaming video of the event is available on the European Parliament website.


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