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27 August 2010

On 18 August, a Presidency meeting took place in Brussels. Representatives of the current Belgian Presidency, incoming Hungarian Presidency and future Polish Presidency, as well as members of CEPOL Secretariat, met to discuss CEPOL’s priorities.

When Belgium took over on the 1 July 2010, they already highlighted their planned objectives for the six months, stressing fundamental aspects of the strategic framework in terms of vision, effectiveness, efficiency and high quality of service delivery towards customers, taking into account the European dimension of the achievements. At the meeting, the wish for the continuity of the key actions instigated by the Belgians was discussed.

Despite the reorganisation of the Hungarian CEPOL Team, the Hungarian priorities presented by Emese Horvaczy, demonstrate a real spirit of continuity of the objectives defined by the Belgian Presidency and this in a way of extending the training scope. The Polish priorities also follow the same spirit of continuity and Andrzej Zawadzki proposed some very interesting projects, including: ‘managing safety of mass events” and ‘Police Eastern Partnership programme in the field of European neighbourhood policy.

All present agreed to the desire to contribute to the improvement of the management of CEPOL. Topics discussed included CEPOL’s Strategic Framework and Balanced Scorecard System, the drawing up of the European Police Exchange Project charter, the annual workflow, budget optimisation and the necessity to plan reserve activities in order to avoid under spending, the five-year evaluation, the promotion of the electronic era and the external relations policy.

The Belgian representatives, said: “Our thoughts and actions demonstrated a clear unanimity in the desire to contribute to the improvement of the management of CEPOL in order to maximize the use of financial resources aimed to achieve the core activities”.

In addition, Belgium outlined some practical proposals in order to improve the quality of the CEPOL courses, including: ensuring activity reports are made available on CEPOL’s e-Net, a database of trainers, design of courses (workshops, role playing games, etc.,) and ensure the systematic use of the Learning Management System.

As CEPOL will celebrate its five year anniversary as an EU agency next year, the spirit of cohesion and continuity clearly established by the Presidency representatives constitutes evidence of harmony. The Belgian representatives will continue to promote CEPOL to the European institutions and undertake to maintain the three axis of its existence: Innovate, Motivate and Educate.



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