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14 December 2009

CEPOL has today appointed Dr Ferenc Bánfi for the post of CEPOL Director. He will take up his duties on the 1 February 2010.

Since November 2005, Dr Bánfi has been employed by the United Nations Development Programme as the Head of the European Union Border Assistant Mission to Moldova and Ukraine.

Dr Bánfi has held several senior public office roles in law enforcement since 1980, mainly in his native Hungary.

Facts about CEPOL

CEPOL - European Police College has been operating as an Agency of the European Union since 1 January 2006, although it has operated as a network since 2001.

CEPOL is tasked to train senior police officers of the Member States of the European Union by optimising cooperation between the police and other relevant agencies. CEPOL supports and develops a European approach to the main problems facing Member States in the fight against crime, crime prevention and the maintenance of law and order and public security. CEPOL particularly focuses on the cross-border dimensions of those problems.

CEPOL functions as a network by bringing together the national training institutes in the Member States whose tasks include the training of senior police officers. CEPOL’s core activities are implemented in and by the Member States – predominantly by the national senior police training colleges.

CEPOL’s mission is: Contributing to European police cooperation through learning.

The Chair of CEPOL’s Governing Board is connected to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. During the period of July - December 2009, the head of the Swedish National Police Academy, Ebba Sverne Arvill, has been the CEPOL Governing Board Chair.

The CEPOL Secretariat is located in Bramshill, 70 km west of London in UK.


Ebba Sverne Arvill,

Head of the Swedish National Police Academy, tel: +46 8 401 66 02.

Monica Landergard,

Head of Communication, tel: +46 702 79 28 48.



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