Report: EU Commission concludes CEPOL contributes effectively to the strengthening of security

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11 April 2022

The European Commission has published a report positively evaluating the work of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL).

This report is based on an evaluation, which addresses the objectives of CEPOL as per the mandate given in 2015, covers CEPOL’s activities carried out between 2015 and 2020 in all EU Member States, third countries with which CEPOL has working arrangements, cooperation agreements and similar arrangements, and international organisations and EU agencies.

The Commission assesses positively the work of the Agency and states that CEPOL contributes effectively to the establishment of a common European law enforcement culture and to the strengthening of security. The evaluation acknowledges that CEPOL’s activities promote police cooperation at EU level and recognises the quality of the training the Agency provides to non-European countries. Among the areas for improvement identified in the report, of special note is the further development of CEPOL's online training portfolio and the enhancement of the training offer in areas such as cryptocurrency or big data. "CEPOL should strive to become the EU hub for law enforcement training, as it is uniquely placed to act as a gateway to training opportunities at EU level", the report reads.

The evaluation carried out supports the legal requirement of assessing every five years CEPOL’s impact, effectiveness and efficiency. Its results are expected to be used by CEPOL, the CEPOL Management Board, the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament and other Justice and Home Affairs agencies in the future decision-making process regarding CEPOL’s functions and operations.

Consulted for the purpose of reviewing the five-year evaluation for each of the areas covered, the Management Board concurs with the evaluator’s report and main recommendations. Yet some of the recommendations cannot be effectively addressed with the current limited human and financial resources allocated to the Agency. The Management Board provided observations and recommendations related to the Report.



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