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23 September 2009

Recent new insights and developments in the field of training, education and learning have led to the 'Quality in 13 Questions' being revised. Originally published in 2003, and better known as Q13 within the CEPOL network, the Working Group on Learning finalised the revised draft at their meeting in early September 2008. The revision was later approved by the Training and Research Committee and at the 10th Governing Board Meeting.

Aimed mainly at Course Managers and Course Organisers, it provides more guidance to ensure common standards.

The 'new' Q13 will have two volumes:

  • Volume 1: The Revised Q13
  • Volume 2: Background Material and Practical Guidelines

Although Q13 still contains thirteen questions, some of the questions have been reworked, some replaced by new questions and some renumbered to make it more logical and relevant in today's climate.

Every question now has an introduction, an outline of the criteria to be met and a section called 'food for thought' stating issues for reflection.

The questions in the revised Q13 are:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Is education and/or training the proper solution?
  3. Is the overall design of the course balanced, effective and CEPOL specific?
  4. Are teachers and trainers competent?
  5. Are appropriate methods and materials selected?
  6. Is the content up-to-date and appropriate in this context?
  7. Has the attendance of the right target group been ensured?
  8. Is the learning environment properly organised?
  9. Is the implementation appropriate for the design?
  10. What are the results of the efforts?
  11. Are these results intended?
  12. Are problems solved adequately?
  13. What can be learned and what can be improved?


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