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18 March 2010

Today, the Chair of the CEPOL Governing Board, Francisco del Barrio, met with the CEPOL Director Dr Ferenc Bánfi, to discuss ways to increase cooperation between the Governing Board and the Secretariat to ensure the agency flourishes.

Welcoming Francisco, Ferenc said: “We truly appreciate your visit today as your interest and advice is crucial. All of the stakeholders are aware that some major changes need to happen, and quickly.”

Both agreed that it is vital that CEPOL builds on its strengths and achievements to date while at the same time, addresses its weaknesses and solves any problems quickly and efficiently.

Francisco said: “It is a pleasure to come and I mean it when I said I would like to be even more involved in the CEPOL business. Similar to most in the network, I only work part-time on CEPOL matters and do appreciate the good work carried out by the Secretariat. The Governing Board of course recognises the need to build a ‘new CEPOL’ if the organisation is to succeed. That means that the Governing Board needs to be open to new ideas and able to not only make timely decisions, but to help execute them as well.”

The specific areas the two discussed included the organisational structure of CEPOL (governance and Secretariat), CEPOL’s strategy, improving decision making and leadership responsibilities.

Francisco added: “CEPOL’s current position is not ideal but that is not the fault of the Secretariat alone. Those working in the Member States on CEPOL matters also need to take some responsibility – it is clear we all need to be working shoulder-to-shoulder if we are going to succeed.”

Ferenc assured Francisco that vital changes are being made at the Secretariat, saying: “The management of CEPOL Secretariat are in an ideal position to assess what needs to be changed, and how. We appreciate the support of the Governing Board in supporting this vital process.”


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