SIRIUS E-Evidence Series – Now available on LEEd in French, Italian and Spanish

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28 June 2021

More than half of all criminal investigations today include a cross-border request to access electronic evidence, such as texts, e-mails or messaging apps. As a response to the increasing need among law enforcement officials to access electronic evidence for internet-based investigations, CEPOL launched last year in collaboration with Europol and Eurojust, and within the frame of the SIRIUS project, the SIRIUS E-Evidence Series.

Already accessible in English on LEEd, the CEPOL online learning platform, this high-quality online training resource is now available in French, Italian and Spanish allowing more law enforcement officials in the Member States to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area.

The SIRIUS E-Evidence Series consists of six self-paced online learning webinar sessions. They were created by Europol with participation from Eurojust and the European Judicial Network, to help investigators cope with the complexity and the volume of information in a rapidly changing online environment, by providing them precise guidelines on specific Online Service Providers (OSPs) and Emergency Disclosure Requests:

  • Episode 1: Cross Border Access to Electronic evidence – SIRIUS Project
  • Episode 2: Direct request - What are the policies of major Online Service Providers?
  • Episode 3: What is an Emergency Disclosure Request and how does it work?
  • Episode 4: Eight common mistakes in LEA direct requests for electronic evidence
  • Episode 5: Legal aspects of direct access, cross-border production orders and international judicial cooperation
  • Episode 6: The efficiency of using JITs to gather and exchange evidence, in particular in cybercrime cases

Four new self-paced online learning episodes of the E-Evidence Series will soon be available in LEEd. All episodes of the Series can be accessed here.

About SIRIUS project

The SIRIUS project, co-implemented by Europol and Eurojust, is a central reference point in the EU for knowledge sharing on cross-border access to electronic evidence. It offers a variety of services, such as guidelines, trainings and tools, to help with accessing data held by online service providers. These services are available to law enforcement and judicial authorities via a platform and an application. To this day, SIRIUS serves a community of competent authorities from 44 countries, representing all EU Member States and a growing number of third countries.



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