Slovakia, first EU Member State operating a National LEEd Platform

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28 January 2022

The Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava is operating as of this week its own National LEEd Platform, a virtual learning space within CEPOL’s multi-tenant learning management system intended to respond to the specific training delivery needs of CEPOL’s main partner in the Republic of Slovakia. This virtual learning space will allow law enforcement officials in this country to follow a distance-learning programme on "training in Schengen and International Police Cooperation" kicking off today.

CEPOL decided in 2020 to sharpen its competitive edge to become an e-learning hub for EU Member States. To this end, the agency continued working last year towards setting in motion a multi-tenancy learning environment serving the needs of its partners. Through the setup of a new system architecture, CEPOL has made possible the creation of individual learning sites. These National LEEd Platforms and Organisational LEEd Platforms are safe and customisable spaces for the hosting and localisation of training resources from other national law enforcement training institutions and other EU organisations, respectively.

About this new LEEd development, CEPOL’s Executive Director, Dr h.c. Detlef Schröder, highlighted:

“I am pleased with this new development in our LEEd platform, and with the fact that our Slovak partner took up CEPOL’s offering. As we roll-out this solution to the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, we expect to progressively provide further service to other EU law enforcement academies and agencies who may need it”.

The International Police Cooperation Bureau of the Police Force Presidium has developed the e-learning programme - “Training in Schengen and International Police Cooperation", that can be followed, under their National LEEd Platform, by all police officers of the Slovak Police Force involved in international police cooperation, priority for the service of order, traffic, railway, border and criminal police. The main objective of this e-learning programme is to provide information regarding police communication channels – INTERPOL, EUROPOL, SIRENE, Passengers Information Unit, Police and Customs Cooperation Centers and Police Liaison Officers network, in a sufficient way and in a user-friendly environment.

CEPOL’s multi­tenant platform has been designed to provide a robust level of resiliency, scalability and redundancy. The enhancement of the multitenancy component in LEEd has no impact on the experience of already registered users – one of the particularities of this type of IT system architecture is that users only see the learning content made available to them by their own law enforcement academies or organisations.

About Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava

The Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava falls under a university system of the Slovak Republic and operates as a state university. It is the only state university that provides education and training to high quality officials and professionally skilled specialists for the needs of the Police Force and other Law enforcement agencies. The academy focuses its efforts to develop a graduate profile and teaching programmes in line with recent needs of police and security practice. Education is provided in the accredited fields of study: protection of persons and property and public security services. The study programmes on security-law, protection of people and property are intended for future employees of the Police Force and other security services. Education and training is provided in all three degrees. The study programmes on security-law services in public administration offer education in the first two degrees and are set for future employees in public administration.

About International Police Cooperation Bureau

The Slovak International Police Cooperation Bureau in the field of the Schengen and International Police Cooperation plays the key role of the central body of the Police Force. The Bureau covers 7 departments – (INTERPOL, EUROPOL, SIRENE, Passengers Information Unit, Police Liaison Officers and Police Peacekeeping Mission Unit, Analytical and Organizational Unit and International Police Cooperation Unit – national experts for Council of EU and European Commission). In 2021, the Bureau commemorated the 20th anniversary of its establishment.



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