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29 June 2009

Dear Colleagues,

It is with strong ambitions combined with a large portion of humbleness Sweden takes over the Chair of CEPOL’s Governing Board and steps into the shoes of the Czech Republic. I assume the second semester of 2009 will be challenging for the avenue and course of CEPOL and its network.

I would like to seize the opportunity to express appreciation to the Czech Republic for its efforts and measures to strengthen and develop CEPOL during its Presidency.

The Swedish Presidency will work in a Troika set-up comprising Sweden, Czech Republic and Spain in order to establish optimum preconditions for continuity and sustainability.

As soon as we have received the letter of resignation of the Director of CEPOL, envisaged 1 July 2009, we will immediately take the necessary actions to commence the recruitment process of a new Director in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. The ambition is that the 17th Governing Board meeting will decide on setting up a Selection Committee. The Committee will comprise five members, four from the Member States and one from the Commission. The assignment is to finalise the recruitment process and to prepare the Governing Board decision on the subject in matter. In order to speed up the process, we will approach the Member States as soon as possible with a draft of an advert of the vacant post for comments. We will come back to you with further information on the process and a timetable.

Another urgent matter to be addressed is the five year evaluation of CEPOL in accordance with the Council Decision 681/2005/JHA, Article 21. Sweden will continue the preparatory work in cooperation with Spain, Belgium and Hungary in order to prepare basis for decisions to the 17th Governing Board meeting when it comes to procedures, terms of reference etc.

Furthermore, the Swedish Presidency will take concrete actions to reinforce the image and reputation of CEPOL within the European Union and to strengthen the network as well as enhancing the capacity of the Governing Board as the only decision making body within CEPOL. We will perform our duties in close cooperation with the Chairs of the Committees and in tandem with the Director and the Secretariat. Focus will be kept on CEPOL’s core business.

We will welcome a closer cooperation with other European Union Institutions, and continuously keep them updated on our programmes and progress as well as invite them to lend us advice and assistance.

When it comes to priorities, the Stockholm Programme will be a focal point. We will emphasise the paramount importance of considering the content whenever applicable in activities delivered by CEPOL. In addition, we will take initiatives and propose awareness seminars on the topic and the Programme will be one of the main threads at the Presidency seminar: “Crime, Police and Justice in 21st Century”, in December 2009, in Sweden. Furthermore, we will elucidate the background of Commission’s opinion pertaining to the Europol/CEPOL-issue.

Other focal areas will be police cooperation within the European Union, human rights issues, crime victim perspectives, crime prevention, trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation of children, exchange of information and forensics. It could be worthwhile mentioning, that the Swedish Presidency in an overall perspective will work for a Strategy regarding exchange of information within the European Union, an Action Oriented Paper (AOP) regarding Trafficking in Human Beings and accreditation of forensic laboratories when it comes to DNA and fingerprints. In addition, the Swedish Minister of Justice, Ms. Beatrice Ask, has declared an intention to summon a Minister meeting during the Swedish Presidency on the topic of enhanced police cooperation. It could be foreseen that at least some of these efforts could lead to needs and demands of training and education activities, which preferably should be provided by CEPOL.

The Director of CEPOL, Mr. Ulf Göransson, has in a letter to IAS (Mr. Deffaa), 31 May 2009, clearly declared his intention to report a “clean table” to the CEPOL Governing Board meeting in December 2009 regarding all IAS observations. The Swedish Presidency will whenever applicable strongly support the Director and his staff in these efforts.

Finally, I am really looking forward to working together with you during the next coming six months as the Chair of the Governing Board in a mood of good spirit, interdependence and a mutual understanding of our common goals and shared vision of where we are heading.

If you have any questions, ideas or proposals, which are under the competency of the Presidency, don’t hesitate to contact the Swedish Presidency CEPOL team.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Sweden soon.

Ebba Sverne Arvill

Chair of the Governing Board



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