Swedish Presidency CEPOL Team Meets with Secretariat Staff

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02 July 2009

Head of Division, Bo Åström, and Assistant Commissioner, Bo Andersson, from the Swedish National Police Academy’s Division for International Affairs visited CEPOL Secretariat in the UK on 2-3 July 2009.

Their visit coincides with the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union which began on 1 July 2009. The Swedish Presidency CEPOL team are based in Solna, Sweden.

During their visit, Bo Åström and Bo Andersson met with the Director of CEPOL and later, Secretariat staff members.

At the meeting the Director of CEPOL, Ulf Göransson, handed the Swedish Presidency CEPOL team his official letter of resignation.

The Swedish Presidency CEPOL team was introduced to all staff members and introduced themselves. They outlined their Presidency objectives and the main items that will be on the agenda for the next six months, including the Stockholm Programme, European dimension and future crime trends.

At the meeting, Bo Åström, said: “We believe it is important to meet with the Secretariat staff members face-to-face. This gives us a good opportunity to share our goals and vision for the next six months and to reiterate how vital it is we work together as a team.”

Ulf Göransson added: 'I am pleased with the Swedish Presidency's spirit of cooperation and with the fact that they recognise and value the good work of the Secretariat. Although the demands of the Presidency will result in much work for us, I welcome this. I specifically welcome the fact that they are embracing e-Net and that by the end of their Presidency they want to ensure that the network is using the system to its full potential.'



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