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30 March 2020

A COVID-19 response Task Force, led by CEPOL Executive Director Dr. h. c. Detlef Schröder has been set up to provide, in line with CEPOL’s legal mandate, support to the Member States and partner agencies in the context of the current coronavirus outbreak crisis.

This Task Force, of...

20 March 2020

[Update: 20 March 2020]

The risks and implications of the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in relation to the carrying-out of CEPOL operational activities are monitored and evaluated constantly by the Agency. That includes...

Our bonds are our strength: the EU Justice and Home Affairs agencies
18 March 2020

In a common area, we need common answers found in solidarity. This requires networks that cooperate, exchange information, and work alongside each other. To this end, nine EU agencies have joined forces under the guidance of the European Institutions. They establish knowledge centres, judicial...



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