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30 March 2009

CEPOL has prepared and published a report detailing the outcomes of the 99/2008 CEPOL European Dimension Conference: Enhancing Europe in Police Training conference that was held in October 2008 at Saint Cyr Mont d’Or, France.

The conference...

Exchanging Places
27 March 2009

As part of the “CEPOL Exchange Programme for Senior Police Officers and Training Staff” project CEPOL has published “Exchanging Places: Sharing Police Knowledge and practice in the European Union”. This book describes the origin, the structure and outcomes of the CEPOL/AGIS...

10 March 2009

The first Governing Board meeting to be held under the Presidency of the Czech Republic took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 24-25 February 2009.

Among the topics discussed by the Governing Board were the Governance and...



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