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02 February 2011

During the 21st Working Group on Learning (WGL) meeting held in Bramshill, UK, on 6-7 January 2011, the members present continued their brainstorming session on preferred futuring (see 'Working Group on Learning to design its Preferred Futuring' news item) moderated by Dr. Zsolt Molnár, the working group’s Deputy Chair. The exercise concentrated on the 6th, 7th and 8th steps of the process.

To work the action plan, three virtual task forces were created within e-Net’s LMS to work out the priorities defined at step 5 of the process. The three “work packages” are:

  • Access to on line learning moderated by Rossanna Farina.
  • Creativity, pro-activity, innovation, structural changes, moderated by Piet de Brouwer.
  • Supporting quality, moderated by Zsolt Molnar.

The support of two officers from the Secretariat: Julian ter Huurne, eLearning Officer and Leelo Kilg, Quality Management Officer, will be sought as their expertise can be useful to the exercise.

The meeting also discussed glossaries. It will be reported to the TRC that the WGL is ending this task. Glossaries are available on e-Net and the inventory of glossaries made by the Secretariat will be put in the LMS too. Contacts will be made to find further contributors and moderators.

The WGL further discussed an evaluation process of the “Train the Trainers” CEPOL activity. Peer review and looking at the outcomes of the activity’s evaluation should be the specific role of the WGL which should always bear in mind whether the learning goal is achieved or not.

Issues regarding a template for the creation of an inventory of police force organisations were discussed as was a proposal to set-up a Wiki to further support CEPOL’s Q13 initiative.

Two seats within the Working Group on Learning have recently been freed due to members moving on to new tasks. A call for nominations will be launched soon by the Secretariat.

The 22nd WGL meeting will be held in Genoa on 28 - 29 April 2011.



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