European Police Science and Research Bulletin - How to contribute

Aims & Scope

The “European Police Science and Research Bulletin” (Bulletin) is an official electronic periodical of CEPOL and is dedicated to the publication and dissemination of:

  • information about recently finalised or ongoing research projects or programmes in the field of police, policing or security research – in particular in the Member States and of CEPOL’s cooperation partners;
  • concise reviews of significant original research results in all areas of police science and research as well as of security research;
  • information about police research centres operating in Member States and CEPOL’s cooperation partners;
  • information about publications of police and security research issued outside the CEPOL framework;
  • occasional editorials, addressing specific matters of issue concerning European police science and research (editorials will be solicited by invitation only);
  • reviews of methodological developments in police science and research;
  • correspondence commenting on previous reviews or information;
  • brief reviews of outcomes of Police Science and Research activities organised by CEPOL;
  • information about forthcoming international police science and research conferences, seminars or symposia;
  • information about funding opportunities for police science and research.

The European Police Science and Research Bulletin is published as an official electronic journal by CEPOL. A CEPOL Working Group manages the production, including gathering and editing the content, and is entrusted with the professional accountability.


Deadline (final versions): 1 April 2017

Submissions for publication and dissemination are invited from a variety of qualified professionals and experts:

  • police officers and researchers within and outside the police organisation in the Member States and of cooperation partners,
  • researchers, research institutions and editors of specialized literature outside the CEPOL framework,
  • course/conference managers, trainers, teachers, experts or keynote speakers in CEPOL activities,
  • experts and professionals dealing with research and science affairs within CEPOL’s network.

Anyone wanting to make a contribution can send submissions or communications directly to the editorial team's email address.

Important: All submissions are requested to be in line with the “Manuscript Submission Guidelines" and should come with a disclaimer – both of which can be downloaded from this page.

Contributions not written in English and not meeting the criteria set out in the “Manuscript Submission Guidelines” can not be considered for publication.


All submissions are screened, selected and edited by an editorial team, which rotates among three members of a CEPOL Working Group.


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