Preventive measures enhanced at CEPOL headquarters for a COVID-safe environment

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18 November 2021

In response to the uncertain evolution of the coronavirus in the Central Eastern European region and its eventual direct impact on the implementation of onsite training activities in Budapest, CEPOL has decided to put in place enhanced precautionary measures* and screeining practices at the agency's headquarters and offices to ensure a COVID-safe environment for staff, participants and stakeholders.

As of Monday 22 November, access to CEPOL premises** for participantts and stakeholders will be solely granted on the presentation of an EU Digital COVID Certificate or of another certificate issued by a Member State or a third country, proving either full vaccination of the individual concerned, or a negative result of a PCR test done within the previous 72 hours, or recovery from a SARS-CoV-2 infection within or during the previous 6 months. CEPOL calls on the responsibility of each and every participant to abide by this new protocol and to scrupulously follow and accommodate the instructions that will be provided by CEPOL staff at all times.

Relying on data provided by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Agency continues to assess on a daily basis the evolution of the coronavirus situation in Hungary, Europe and the EU Neighbourhood countries, and to ascertain the risks involved with the organisation of events and meetings at CEPOL headquarters and offices in Budapest.

In the words of CEPOL's Executive Director, Dr. h.c. Detlef Schröder:

"Our first priority is to keep participants, staff and stakeholders safe. Our second priority is to continue delivering on our mandate by implementing education and training for law enforcement officials. We are doing everything possible to balance these two priorities. We are trying hard to keep our operations as normal as possible and we hope to maintain this approach".

Additionally, CEPOL strongly recommends participants in upcoming onsite training activities at CEPOL headquarters to have full coverage travel insurance, including coverage of medical, accommodation, transport, return trip or repatriation related costs. All law enforcement officials participating in any of the upcoming training activities are advised to read carefully the following preventive measures in place as of Monday 22 November:




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