Excise fraud course took place at the International Training Centre in Budapest

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03 June 2019
International Training Centre, Hungary

The International Training Centre in Budapest hosted the CEPOL 11/2019 „Excise fraud” course between 20-24th May, with 36 participants from 22 EU Member States and one from Georgia.

The main goal of the 5-days-long course was to share the participants’ and experts’ knowledge and best practices on excise fraud investigation. A particular focus was given to illegal cigarettes smuggling, patterns and features of this phenomena as well as international aspects of crime. In addition, the opportunities of international criminal cooperation for Law Enforcement Agencies, judiciary and private companies, including tobacco industries into this process was presented.

With assistance from EUROPOL and OLAF as well as several institutions representing the United Kingdom, Romania and The Netherlands, the Hungarian organisers managed to gather a diverse staff of experts.

One of the last course days was dedicated to showcasing the use of the Internet in investigations. The simulation exercise provided a more practical opportunity to support the theoretical knowledge delivered by experts. Trainees worked in pairs and tested different OSINT tools available in the area of Excise fraud, applying them to several case studies customised to this crime area.

The trainees were very engaged and had many questions. Some competitive elements have been integrated into the training, and the course participants with enthusiasm welcomed that gaming concept.

CEPOL Excise Fraud course


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