KYNOPOL symposiums for service dog professionals took place in Hungary

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13 August 2019

The Hungarian Police Education and Training Centre organised five two-day symposiums for dog professionals in the first half of 2019 as activities of Kynopol, the EU network for service dog professionals.

The activities were supported by the Internal Security Fund and the Hungarian Ministry of Interior under the umbrella of the Cooperation among Dog Handlers Regarding the Training of Service Dogs project (No. BBA-5.2.1/3-2017-00002).

The aim of the symposiums was to improve law enforcement canine capability to combat shared European current and emerging threats through sharing best practice and experiences of the partner law enforcement agencies regarding the training and application of detection, patrol and riot dogs.


144 experts attended from Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Latvia, France, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia and Hungary. The participants were delegated from different law enforcement agencies and research institutions. The experts introduced the structure and employment of their dog service and the training of the dog handlers and service dogs.


A symposium was dedicated to the topic of service dog breeding where experts from Slovakia, Romania and UK as the most significant police breeders in Europe shared their experiences about breeding, socialization and training of the dogs from puppy age to adult age. In conclusion it was considered that the breeding is always more expensive than buying the dogs but provides quality control and perfect possibility to select the best dogs for the service.

The participants agreed on the fact that the procurement of the fresh dogs are very complicated and difficult issue Europe-wide for the price of dogs has been declining in the two last decades however the quality of them has been declining. The trend links to the rocketing demand from every part of the world, the dealers mainly purchase dogs from Europe due to the high quality of breeding conducted on the continent.

During the programme, several demonstrations were conducted where dog handlers and their dogs demonstrated their skills and capabilities.

The seminars provided excellent opportunities to reveal similarities and differences among the partners’ methods of selection, procurement, training and employment of service dogs.

The activities were gap fillers because there were no such activities earlier where so many topics and service dog disciplines would have been discussed with attendees from so many countries.

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