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2015 Research and Science Conference
16 October 2015

From 5 to 8 October 2015, CEPOL has organised in collaboration with the Escola de Polícia Judiciária its flagship conference on Research and Science. The Research and Science conference was a 4 days conference taking place in Lisbon, Portugal. It brought together academics and practitioners from all EU Member States and beyond to exchange good practices on policing.

Experts and participants from all around the world gathered together under a same roof to discuss and debate on evidence-based policing. Police researchers, scientists, trainers, educators and officers, as well as scholars from academia and research attended the conference, presented and discussed their research findings.

Research and Science conference

Ideas on “evidence-based” policing strategies and tactics have gained a foothold in Europe and are recently drawing growing attention in the international discussion on policing. If “evidence-based” is understood as looking more seriously at the application of sound scientific methods to achieve practical results, police education and training is certainly called upon to support and encompass this approach. National police colleges or universities, for example, are increasingly encouraging and supporting empirical research as the backbone of Police Science Master and PhD theses.

This being a clear trend internationally, the development and progress of sound scientific research informing and shaping police practice or education varies across countries and forces in Europe and elsewhere – what’s high on the agenda in one country can be found to be mostly neglected in the next. The conference addressed the concept, chances and possible limitations of “evidence-based policing” in an open European forum.

Research and Science conference

The CEPOL 2015 European Police Research and Science Conference aimed at being a forum where police research, training and evidence-based practice can be discussed as to their impact on European police cooperation. Plenary presentations, panel sessions, parallel sessions and open workshops served as lively forums for the presentation and discussion of recent experiences on evidence-based policing, as well as future research road-maps.



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